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DOOR FRAMES                                                                                                                                             FRAMES

        Esstee Timbers manufactures a range of pine and meranti door frames.

        Pine frames are specifically for 813x2032mm doors.  Whilst our pine frames are
        supplied without any weather exposure guarantees, we do offer an option of treated
        or untreated to suit the more informal market demands.

        Meranti frames are manufactured to accommodate  doors that are 2032 and 2350
        mm high and opening widths from 760 (on request) to 1614mm.  The range includes
        pivot, single and double door frames - the timber used is genuine meranti, which
        adds character and strength to support heavier panel and glazed doors.

        Our premium range of meranti door frames does not have finger joints, are pre-
        treated to protect from cement, rain and water during the building process and have
        a more defined and attractive arras on the outer edge.  Once installed, the frames can
        be re-treated to keep their natural wood finish or painted with varnish, PVA or enamel,
        requiring only a suitable primer where appropriate.

        Our finger-jointed painting quality (cheaper) meranti frames are untreated and
        have a square arras on all edges to suit more contemporary home designs.  Included
        in the finger-jointed range of frames are 1200mm single sidelights and 1500mm wide
        double sidelights suited to 813 doors – these are all supplied with the special arras
        and are also pre-treated.

        Our range of 813/1206/1511/1614mm opening door frames, as well as single
        sidelights can be supplied in assembled or kit options to suit customer needs for
        storage and transportation.

        Engineered  Meranti  Jamb  liners  for  single  brick  as  well  as  double  brick  wall
        thicknesses are also available for 813 and 1614mm wide openings as well as 2032
        and 2350mm opening heights.

        Engineered Meranti SABS-tested Half Hour Fire Door Frames are also available -                                                                     9 9
        untreated and include intumescent strips to retard air movement in the event of a fire.
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