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Esstee Engineered Half-Hour rated frame for FIRE DOOR applications

The following engineered meranti frames comply with Class E (SANS 1253:2003) specifications for half-hour fire assemblies, as tested by the SABS:

MF2032 and MF2350

Specified dimensions are as follows:

55x90mm x-section, with rebate of 25x40mm

As components of the assembly, the following are important installation parameters:

- 4 x 100mm x1.2mm thick removable steel hinges equally spaced
- 1st / 4th hinges not more than 150mm from top/bottom inside edge of frame
- Fitting - Clearances between door leaf and frame
* Top Leaf - not to exceed 3mm
* Total width of clearances between the vertical side of the leaves and frame not to exceed 6mm
* Floor clearance not to exceed 12mm


Standard size for frames is 44x74mm cross section, with rebate suitable for 40mm thick doors.  Internal dimensions are 762/  813/1206/1511/1614mm with internal height of 2032 (cut to 2080) mm. Timber used is imported meranti – no veneers, laminations or finger-joints in the standard frames.

We can also supply customised frames with the above cross-section dimension (eg for 2400mm door height).

We pre-treat frames to ensure that they are protected from damage and staining during the building process. Once installed, the frames can be re-treated to keep their natural wood finish or painted with PVA or enamel (a suitable primer is recommended) to suit the needs of the individual.

moulding design

Detail of the moulding of Esstee door frames.


T-Bar for Double Doors.
Particularly important as an alternative to rebating of engineered , veneered doors when double doors are installed.

single side-light

Single Sidelight Left & Right. 44 x 74mm / 1200 x 2032mm.

single side-light

Single Sidelight detail.

double side-light

Double Sidelight. 44 x 74mm / 1500 x 2032mm.

standard frame kits

Pre Treated kits are available for standard door frames including bracing nails, pre drilled for accurate assembly.

single side-light kits

Pre Treated kits are available for single sidelights including bracing nails, pre drilled for accurate assembly.

pivot doors

Pivot Doors. 40 x 135mm. Cross Section & 2032 x 1200.

pivot detail

Pivot Detail showing arras mould & brace in top corner.

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