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sa pine architravE

Finished Size 89x19mm
Use as floor skirting and architrave.
Popular length 3.0m
Code PA090

sa pine cleat

Finished Size 45x21mm
Ideal for mounting shelves.
Popular length 3.0 & 3.6m
Code PC045

sa pine cornice

Finished Size 63mm
Preferred option for high quality finished
Popular length 3.0m
Code PC068

sa pine coverstrip

Finished Size 40x10mm
Between ceiling panels, facing of cupboard
edges, etc.
Popular length 3.0m
Code PCS040

sa pine flooring v-joint underside

Finished Size 100x21mm
Undisputed quality, excellent for mezanine
Popular lengths 2.4/3.0/3.6 & 4.2m
Code PF102

sa pine half round

Finished Sizes 17x7 and 32x6mm
Between ceiling panels, facing of cupboard
edges, etc.
Popular length 3.0m
Codes PHR019 & PHR032

sa pine quadrant

Finished Sizes 22x15 and 42x30mm
Use 22x15 with 38mm and 67mm skirting
Use 42x30 with 89mm Architrave or as an
alternative to pine cornice.
Popular lengths PQ015 - 3.0 & 3.6m & PQ032 - 3.0m
Codes PQ015 & PQ032

sa pine skirting

FS 38x21 and 67x21mm
Popular lengths 3.0 & 3.6m
Codes PS045 & PS070

sa pine scotia

Finished Size 42x30mm
Alternative to quadrant or cornice
Popular length 3.0m
Code PSC032

sa pine tongue & groove v-joint ceiling board

Finished Size 64x13mm
End-matched lengths up to 2,4m
Longer lengths not end-matched.
Packs of 20 per length
Code PTG063

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