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Take a look at our Plywood

Standard size for boards is 1,22x2,44m.
A variety of thicknesses are available from 6mm to 24mm.
Plywood varies from 3-ply upwards (eg we also carry a range of commercial and WBP plywood).

fsc - grading

FSC Grading. Boards are sourced from reliable, environmentally responsible suppliers.

c+/C Shutterply

C+/C Shutterply with TECO (or similiar internationally recognized) Grading.

builders grade plyboard

Builders Grade Plyboard. Down - graded from C+ / C due to surface defect. Suitable for use as shutterply.

builders grade surface

    Builders Grade Surface.

sub-grade ply

Sub Grade Plyboard. Also a down - grade from C+ / C shutterply. May have either or both surface defect as well as delaminating layers of ply. Not suited to shutterply use. Popular for shelves, mezzanine flooring, screens, etc.

commercial plywood

Commercial Plywood 6mm.

commercial plywood

Commercial Plywood 9mm.

commercial plywood

Commercial Plywood 12mm.

wbp plywood

WBP Plywood 15mm.

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